FAQ - DofE Award 2017/18

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20 December, 2017 : 15:40

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What are the total costs per level?

Bronze Total -  £290*

Expedition £225

Travel £40

Enrolment £25


Silver Total - £445*

Expedition £360

Travel £60

Enrolment £25


Gold – TBC (Please contact the DofE team for more details)

 *Optional Kit hire £25


Can I choose any level of award to complete?

Yes, you do not necessarily have to complete the awards in the order Bronze, Silver, Gold.  However each stage has a different level of difficulty and therefore we would recommend starting at Bronze unless you are engaged in other activities that you feel would complement the level you are choosing.

When will the award begin and end?

 Please refer to the schedule you were handed at an enrolment session. If you have misplaced your copy please request a new one from the Barnet DofE team. 

I /My Son/Daughter has not been allocated to a group for expedition 

Please email us stating so with the participants full name and award level

What are the minimum and maximum numbers for a single group?

A minimum of five members to a maximum of seven 

I/My Son/Daughter is unable to make one or more of the expedition dates, are there alternative dates?

The participant can take part in other dates available with the provider we work with but please be aware participants will join groups of young people from across the country.  Please email the DofE inbox ASAP if you cannot attend our expedition dates. 

How do I login to my eDofE account?

You will receive an automated email from eDofE with your username. Your password is your DOB in the format ddmmyyyy . If you have forgotten your password please simply enter your username on the login page and click on 'forgotten password' which will then take you through the process to reset it. If you have not received the automated email from eDofE please email the DofE inbox.

If you have a question that has not already been answered please email the Barnet DofE team at dofe@barnet.gov.uk



DofE 2018-19 Award - 2019 Expeditions

Barnet Youth Service
05 November 2018

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Dear All,

Please see below the expedition dates for the 2018-19 award:

Bronze Practice: 27 & 28 April
Bronze Qualifier: 1 & 2 June  

Silver Practice: 13 – 15 April
Silver Qualifier: 13 – 15 July  

Gold Practice: 13 – 17 April
Gold Qualifier: 13 – 17 July

If your son/daughter has been approved of a place and are unable to make any of the above dates, please contact us as soon as possible.

Barnet DofE Team

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You’re ‘hired’ - Business Battle a Great Success

Barnet Youth Service
17 August 2018

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Business Battle is an enterprise education programme taking young people from drawing board to marketplace all in one week.

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