National Youth Work Week

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08 November, 2017 : 17:17

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Did you know it is National Youth Work week?

What is Youthwork?

The very core of youth work is about developing meaningful relationships that are defined by voluntary engagement, clear boundaries and based upon trust. 

Youth work is based on professional assessment of the strengths, resilience, needs and complexities of the individual. The purpose is to engage in such a way that assists young people to develop in order to reach their full potential as well informed, confident and pro-active adults.

Here in Barnet last year over 4000 young people engaged with the Youth Service.


Professional Youth Workers work with young people across the borough in a range of settings including Schools, Libraries and Youth Centres as well as meeting young people on the streets or in parks. This means that the Youth Service is often the first response from the council in responding to key issues within communities across the borough. 

We have two Youth Centres in Barnet – Canada Villa in Mill Hill and Finchley Youth Centre in East Finchley.

At Canada Villa we have a purpose built recording studio, media suite, climbing wall and gym as well as fully equipped kitchen units in which young people are taught catering skills.  

At Finchley Youth Centre we have a dance studio and theatre space. Watch this space for exciting news about a brand new community café opening up!


There are a range of interventions delivered by the service; these include 1-1 work, group work and innovative programmes. We run a drop-in service from Canada Villa every Wednesday from 11-7pm for young people, parents and professionals.

Much of our work is delivered in partnership and these enable us to develop a huge range of unique opportunities for young people living within the borough.   Recent partnerships include the Globe Theatre, Jackson’s Lane, the Roundhouse and Lego.

What our Partners Say


“Subject support ltd is thankful to Barnet youth and family services, for enabling us to inspire young minds in robotics, game and app design across the borough. They have shown a commitment to these projects by providing the youth of Barnet new and varied opportunities”   Abir Mallick – Subject Support


“BEAT takes engagement with all young people very seriously and working in partnership with Barnet's Youth Service we can provide musical opportunities to young people who do not access them through traditional school and music centre routes. These music programmes enable us to identify and nurture talent in hard to reach settings” Lynn Holman-Fox – CEO BEAT


“Globe Education was delighted to work with Barnet Youth and Family Engagement Service in the recent half-term activities programme. Our Globe Education Practitioner Jack Stigner enjoyed working with 10-13 year olds and 14-18 year olds over four days, which ended with each group sharing scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth respectively. Jack used drama exercises and techniques to encourage the participants to engage with the works of Shakespeare exploring the stories, characters and language. The feedback from all involved has been very positive and we look forward to working together again in 2018.” Alice Evans – The Globe



We Listen

Listening to young people and their families is central to the work we do and enables us to continuously improve the quality of practice.

What Parent’s say

 “My son went on the Horse Experience day.  He wanted to develop his confidence with Horses.  He came back saying that this was one of the best holiday schemes ever.  He learned so much about horses, but also came back feeling so calm, and relaxed…being with the horses made him feel more confident in himself and his assertive techniques.  Staff were fun, engaging and supportive.  All of the Barnet Courses are outstanding in giving young people to engage meaningfully in a wide range of experiences – helping them see that the world is their oyster and there is something for everyone, they can find something that they are good at and have a positive future.  Thank you so much….”

“The Lego Animation took place on three mornings and this made a great start to each day. Every morning my son couldn't wait to set off to get there, bustling me to the car. The whole course was brilliantly devised and taught.. On this course not only did my son have a tremendous amount of fun, but I feel he learned something new that he wouldn't have been taught anywhere else. My son has often watched lego animations on YouTube and now he has a real insight into how they are put together, and the knowledge how to do it himself.  A truly wonderful course.”

“I have 2 sons aged 11 and 14 and I booked them on one course each over summer hols.

I thought the courses were really good value, summer is such an expensive time, and this was a great way to keep idle minds active. Both boys loved the courses and came home without complaining they were bored. In particular, the get hooked course was something I would never have been able to do myself as I have no knowledge of fishing, so it was great to send him to along and learn a great skill.


What Young People say

“My sessions have helped me get back in school after a very long time, helped me build my confidence, do things outside my comfort zone and helped me deal with a range of different situations. It has helped a lot and was a very unique and helpful experience” Young person's evaluation following TYS work

 “This course keeps me busy doing something I enjoy, It helps me learn new recipes and how to cook. Being in a different place is helping me improve my behaviour.”  Young person on Alternative Education programme


Headlines from the Year

  • Young Women’s Group Animation shown at Berlin Film Festival.
  • Keep Young People Safediversion programme delivered over the Summer holidays.
  • Cut Films – Special Campaign Award Winner
  • Service has taken on Return Home Interviews
  • Weekly Young Men's group established
  • Largest ever DofE expedition from the Borough
  • Over 20% increase in referrals to the Service

DofE 2018-19 Award - 2019 Expeditions

Barnet Youth Service
05 November 2018

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Dear All,

Please see below the expedition dates for the 2018-19 award:

Bronze Practice: 27 & 28 April
Bronze Qualifier: 1 & 2 June  

Silver Practice: 13 – 15 April
Silver Qualifier: 13 – 15 July  

Gold Practice: 13 – 17 April
Gold Qualifier: 13 – 17 July

If your son/daughter has been approved of a place and are unable to make any of the above dates, please contact us as soon as possible.

Barnet DofE Team

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You’re ‘hired’ - Business Battle a Great Success

Barnet Youth Service
17 August 2018

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Business Battle is an enterprise education programme taking young people from drawing board to marketplace all in one week.

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